Amelia Cole is more than a stunning person, she is a brilliant writer. Check out her book with Christine James Abroad. IT's full of passion and surprises. 

Mel's stories are appealing to a wide audience. You get sucked into the Sanctuary from the first book. Then you have to keep reading until you know it all. 

Mia Natal writes romance novels based in reality. She creates complex characters that suffer a lot.  You won't put her books down.

Elizabeth St. John has written some of my favorite paranormal romance stories. Hellbound is book 1 in a trilogy. She writes fantastic characters living in fantastic worlds. 

J.M Jeffries are award winning authors Miriam Pace and Jackie Hamiliton. They have lots of books that will tickle your imagination. Check them out!

April Wood Books

Erica Stevens is a brilliant author with several series available. I have read every book she has written and have never been disappointed. My daughters love her books too. You can find more adult books from her under the name Brenda K Davies. 

Michelle is just starting out and her potential is great.  Her characters are hard to give up. You want to keep following them and see what things are going to happen next. 

Christine James is the author of the Chosen Chronicles. She lives in Missouri with her husband and wonderful children. She also writes with her good friend and author Amelia Cole. Check her out today.