April Wood Books

Lovers Bound 

Fairies and love. This story will lead through a tangled web of humans and fairies. Can the girls leave the human world for their perfect man? Even though they aren't even men?

Lieth was looking for his one true love. He couldn't find her in his underwater home, so he looked for her on shore. Follow him as he tries to figure out which world he belongs too.

Books co-authored with Elizabeth St.John

Wrap Me Up 

Arianna and Amelia are princesses. They want a normal life but they can't have it. Their weddings have already been arranged. Even though they love Sebastian and Marcus. How will they survive the heartbreak of giving them up?

Country Strong

This novella is a short sexy trist set in Maine. Two friends are struggling to live life until they meet their other half. They find love, loss, and family all around Christmas.

Romance blooms on the ranch in more ways the one. Have you ever wondered what would happen if you had that handsome ranch hand all to yourself? What if your husband let you have the forbidden? 

Tempted by Fairies
Washed Up A Merman's Tale