This Series follows the life a girl from Ireland. She thought she was the black sheep of her family. Turns out she was stolen from her real family. Her mother is the High Priestess of the Druids. She runs a full coven. The family that stole RIona did so to punish her mother. It's and exciting adventure.

The Shadow Bound Series

The Cast Series

This series follows Seraphine. She's been alive for a very long time. She is the creator of all witches. In her quest to just survive she makes several people angry. When they try to kill her she vows revenge. Her journey is painful and comes with many bumps in the road. Get Blood Cast, Wind Cast, Fire Cast, and Stone Cast now.

Ebbie thinks she is just a normal girl. Then one day she transforms into an owl. The world changes for her and never stops. She has to figure out who she is and how she fits in this new place. Get Outside the mists of Time, and Beyond the Mists of Time today.

"I was gripped from the start." Elizabeth St. John

The Mists of Time Series

The Enticing Series

This series, published by Parker Books, follows the world of Yvonne. Turned vampire over two hundred years ago, Yvonne doesn't worry about much. Until her maker mysteriously comes back from the dead. Her world gets turned upside down.  Get Enticing, Endless, and Tempestuous now.

"I couldn't put the books down. They aren't my usual genre but the story was so compelling." -Maylee Dyer

April Wood Books

This Series follows the life a young blind girl named Rebecca. Her world is dark and lonely until a 500 year old vampire finds here. Alexander has never loved like he loves Rebecca. She is his one and only. Their relationship has many ups and downs and children. Vampire's Eyes, Vampire's Breath and Vampire's Blood are the books that are available now.

The Changes Series